William F. Funk

Innovative, fresh music for...

Small Wind Ensemble, Voice & Strings, Brass Choir, String Quartet, Solo Trumpet & Marimba, Trombone Quartet, Trumpet Duets, Brass Trio, Voices & Woodwinds, Violin and Clarinet, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, SATB Choir, Unaccompanied Voice, Electric Violin, String Orchestra, String Trio, Trumpet Ensemble, Mixed Chamber Works

by composer William F. Funk

About the Composer

Kansas composer William Funk has held Adjunct Faculty positions at the University level, and was Artist in Residence at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. In addition to his composition work, he is a freelance trumpeter in the Kansas City area. His passion is creating new works utilizing new forms related to Mandelbrot set theory and self-similarity.







"Below you will find a sampling of my work. Click on a selection to view details, see performance history, hear the piece or download a score. If you like what you see and hear, Contact Me directly for performance copies of the parts as well as personal guidance regarding the nature of these pieces. Enjoy."

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