for Mezzo-soprano, Soprano Sax, Flugelhorn, and Viola

Concupiscence is a lively and lusty (that’s what concupiscence means) 3 movement work for mezzo, soprano sax, flugelhorn, and viola. Each of the 3 movements deals with a woman’s feelings regarding failed relationships in the past and her anger (or wistfulness) in recalling them. The piece has a total duration of about 10 minutes and employs unusual harmonies along with angular lines for all instruments, including the mezzo. The mezzo range is G#, 4th space bass clef, to A on top of treble clef. The instrument writing is approximately college level for each.


May 3, 2014 – Premiere – Acworth, Georgia (Karen Martin, Soprano; Chris Otts, Soprano Saxophone; John Thomas Burson, Flugelhorn; Justin Brookins, Viola)


Premiere Performance - Movement I

Premiere Performance - Movement II

Premiere Performance - Movement III

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