Six Duets for Trumpet


for Trumpet Duet

A collection of 6 duets, each in a different style (including swing), featuring rhythmic and contrapuntal challenges for both players. The pieces include short passages containing extended techniques, such as, flutter-tongue, wah-wah, pedal Eb, and fall-offs. Each piece has a duration of about 2 minutes, and each makes good trumpet lesson study material, or perfect change-of-pace content for a student recital. The entire collection is accessible to most college players.



Of my new book, Six Duets for Trumpet, Professor David Reynolds, Head of the Music Dept. and Trumpet Instructor at South Dakota State University says:
"Dear Mr. Funk: I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed having your Six Duets in my studio. We use them as sight reading material between teacher and student, but also just programmed one on a senior recital along with two other duets – one by Allen Vizzutti and another by David Sampson. They were very well-received."

And from Dr. John T. Cord, Assistant Prof. of Trumpet–Texas A&M University-Kingsville:
"I have enjoyed working with these duets both with colleagues as well as with my students. They are a terrific resource for improving the ear, ability to perform compound rhythms, and musicality all at once. The duets have substantial contrast and can be used to reinforce sight-reading as well as challenges to the trumpet technique. I would recommend this collection to any teacher both as a tremendous teaching aid, as well as potential performance pieces."

And from Dr. John Irish, Professor of Trumpet — Angelo State University:
William Funk's Six Duets will serve a valuable function in any studio. They are a good introduction to sounds, styles, and techniques of modern music. In my studio, I play with the students and help guide them through the many engaging rhythms, intervals, phrasing, and meters. With these duets, learning new techniques and a new genre of music can be fun. Well recommended!

And from Dr. Ryan Gardner, Assistant Professor of Trumpet — Oklahoma State University:
William Funk's Six Duets are a great asset to the trumpet duet repertoire. They challenge students to learn new modern techniques and style as well as sharpen their technical skills and musicality. They are terrific for sight-reading and would also work well for performance. They have been an effective teaching tool in my studio and I recommend them


The recordings are by John Thomas Burson and Justin Rowan, Atlanta-area players. Please visit their websites and support their efforts:

Duet 1

Duet 2

Duet 3

Duet 4

Duet 5

Duet 6

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